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Hotel Bed Types

Renting a hotel room can be a game of chance for hotel guests. The bed can make or break their perception of your establishment and without exaggerating, it is the single most important part of their stay with you. 81% of people say a comfortable bed is the most important hotel feature, and 48% said that a poor quality mattress was their top source of a disturbed night’s sleep.

Therefore, it is critical to know what your bed options are and to get the right bed for your customers. This will ensure they always have a restful night's sleep, review you positively, and most importantly, keep coming back.

Listed below are the most common styles of hotel bed, which you maybe should consider.

Standard Hotel Beds

A standard hotel bed is often a wooden or metal framed divan, which can be set on castors or feet. Support can be tailored through sprung or solid bases, and storage options can be hidden within. Larger bed bases often come in two parts, installed in the room, which not only allows easy access, but flexibility too, able to cater for twin or double. A range of headboard styles can compliment the set.

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Zip & Link Hotel Beds

Zip & Link hotel beds are made up of two beds that can either be zipped together or split apart to make one room either double or twin. Each bed offers individual support which means no loss in comfort when the mattresses are split apart. Zip & Link beds give great flexibility and therefore maximise your occupancy. However, do be sure to use either separate, or super wide headboards to accommodate either orientation.

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Platform Hotel Beds

Platform beds consist of a horizontal frame that raises the mattress off the ground. The beds utilise a slatted (or latticed) structure for mattress flexibility, support, and ventilation. This reduces the necessity for an extra foundation in the form of a box spring or a second mattress, but does generally mean you lose the opportunity for storage within the base.

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Panel Hotel Beds

Panel hotel beds consist of solid wood panelling to make up the bed frame giving a classically historic look. The bed utilises a wooden headboard as part of the frame and sometimes come with footboards. The bed is raised to offer support and ventilation to the hotel mattress. Panel beds can look great in the right historic hotel room - but can come at the cost of flexibility.

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Hotel Sofa Beds

If your hotel rooms offer a sofa or seating area, sofa beds can be a canny choice. Hotel sofa beds convert into full flat bed, and can be used as a flexible secondary sleeping option.

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The Right Hotel Bed For your Customers

Helping your customers choose the right bed is important in ensuring they have a restful sleep. People tend to carry their sleep issues to hotels, so a night without these problems will improve their time at your hotel.

Hypnos understand sleep and how it affects peoples perception of a hotel. 80% of people said that their sleep has improved with a Hypnos hotel bed, which in turn improved their view of where they were staying. For more information on how Hypnos can improve the quality of your customer's sleep, please request a quote.