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Hypnos Contract Beds’ range of luxury zip and link mattresses are handcrafted with care in the UK, using perfected blends of 100% British wool and natural fibres. Our super king-size zip and link bed bases are designed by expert bed engineers with a range of hidden storage features and stylish fabrics.

Hypnos Zip and Link beds provide the flexibility to unzip and split a super king-size contract bed into two single beds for hotel rooms when needed. The extra flexibility allows a double room to easily convert to a twin room - perfect for business travellers who need to share a suite, older couples who want their own space, or even older children who don't want to share a bed.

Hypnos is so confident in the comfort and quality of our mattresses that we only offer solid-top bed bases in our standard range. Hypnos are famous for our proud heritage, and it’s no secret that we create the world’s most comfortable beds.

Zip and Link Bed Bases

Hypnos zip and link beds are hand-crafted in the UK using premium natural materials and are 100% recyclable. The standard size for a Hypnos zip and link bed is Super Kingsize (180 x 200cm, split into two beds of 90cm x 200cm).

Our zip and link bed bases are linked using Hypnos' EasyLink™ system, whereby linking bars are located at the top of the bed base instead of the bottom. Our EasyLink system means housekeepers no longer have to lift the bed to access the linking bar underneath or have an unsightly linking bar on the front.

Zip and Link Mattresses

Hypnos zip and link super king mattresses are a luxurious and practical choice for guest accommodation providers. Zip and link mattresses are more easily rotated due to the zip along the length of the mattress, which is helpful for housekeepers and speeds up turnaround time. A zip and link mattress will also help where there are initial bedroom access issues when installing the bed, like narrow staircases and doorways, and low ceilings.

Every Hypnos contract mattress has been designed to provide first-class comfort, excellent body support and lasting durability, whilst specifically meeting the hospitality industry's legislative standards in terms of safety and fire retardancy - all pocket spring mattresses also come with our leading anti-microbial, antibacterial and anti-bed-bug treatment, as well as a 5-year guarantee, for the ultimate peace of mind.

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