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Fabric Samples

At Hypnos Contract Beds we pride ourselves on being able to deliver the perfect sleep solution for each individual customer. A big part of this is the final design and colour scheme of your beds and sofa beds, and with many fabrics to choose from, our range is as wide as our clients' requirements.

All of our fabrics conform to the latest fire safety standard of BS7177:2008 (Crib 5), with some conforming to BS7176, and are regularly tested for compliance. They also undergo regular Martindale testing to evaluate resistance to wear and abrasion, ensuring their durability.

Hypnos Apple 248228.png

Hypnos Apple 248228

Hypnos Baritone Beige 248190.png

Hypnos Baritone Beige 248190

Hypnos Baritone Charcoal 237129.png

Hypnos Baritone Charcoal 237129

Hypnos Beige 248226.png

Hypnos Beige 248226

Hypnos Brazilian Silver 248191.png

Hypnos Brazilian Silver 248191

Hypnos Carbon 246140.png

Hypnos Carbon 246140

Hypnos Charcoal 248231.png

Hypnos Charcoal 248231

Hypnos Chrome 248193.png

Hypnos Chrome 248193

Hypnos Cream 248221.png

Hypnos Cream 248221

Hypnos Duck Egg 248194.png

Hypnos Duck Egg 248194

Hypnos Ebony 248232.png

Hypnos Ebony 248232

Hypnos Ivory 248192.png

Hypnos Ivory 248192

Hypnos Kyoto Apple 248220.png

Hypnos Kyoto Apple 248220

Hypnos Kyoto Beige 248216.png

Hypnos Kyoto Beige 248216

Hypnos Kyoto Granite 248222.png

Hypnos Kyoto Granite 248222

Hypnos Kyoto Mink 248218.png

Hypnos Kyoto Mink 248218

Hypnos Kyoto Orange 248223.png

Hypnos Kyoto Orange 248223

Hypnos Kyoto Shark 248219.png

Hypnos Kyoto Shark 248219

Hypnos Kyoto Stone 248217.png

Hypnos Kyoto Stone 248217

Hypnos Mocha 248233.png

Hypnos Mocha 248233

Hypnos Navy 243332.png

Hypnos Navy 243332

Hypnos Oatmeal 236442.png

Hypnos Oatmeal 236442

Hypnos Orange 248225.png

Hypnos Orange 248225

Hypnos Peat 248198.png

Hypnos Peat 248198

Hypnos Silver 248224.png

Hypnos Silver 248224

Hypnos Slate 248229.png

Hypnos Slate 248229

Hypnos Taupe 248230.png

Hypnos Taupe 248230

Hypnos Teal 248227.png

Hypnos Teal 248227

Panaz Highland Cream 248174.png

Panaz Highland Cream 248174

Panaz Highland Dove 248173.png

Panaz Highland Dove 248173

Panaz Highland Lime 248167.png

Panaz Highland Lime 248167

Panaz Highland Mushroom 248172.png

Panaz Highland Mushroom 248172

Panaz Highland Orange 248166.png

Panaz Highland Orange 248166

Panaz Highland Purple 248169.png

Panaz Highland Purple 248169

Panaz Highland Red 248168.png

Panaz Highland Red 248168

Panaz Highland Sky 248170.png

Panaz Highland Sky 248170

Panaz Highland Steel 248171.png

Panaz Highland Steel 248171

Panaz Highland Yellow 248165.png

Panaz Highland Yellow 248165

Demin 262866.png

Panaz Marna Denim 262866

Indigo 262781.png

Panaz Marna Indigo 262781

Ocean 258769.png

Panaz Marna Ocean 258769

Amethyst 262871.png

Panaz Marna Amethyst 262871

Olive 262853.png

Panaz Marna Olive 262853

Citrus 262869.png

Panaz Marna Citrus 262869

Cactus 262872.png

Panaz Marna Cactus 262872

Terracotta 262867.png

Panaz Marna Terracotta 262867

Damson 262868.png

Panaz Marna Damson 262868

Clover 262870.png

Panaz Marna Clover 262870

Espresso 262375.png

Panaz Marna Espresso 262375

Hessian 262863.png

Panaz Marna Hessian 262863

Silver 262864.png

Panaz Marna Silver 262864

Charcoal 262235.png

Panaz Marna Charcoal 262235

Zinc 262865.png

Panaz Marna Zinc 262865

Graphite 261052.png

Panaz Marna Graphite 261052

Flamblend Aztec-217592.jpg

Flamblend Aztec 217592

Flamblend Bamboo-1205.jpg

Flamblend Bamboo 1205

Flamblend Charcoal-217178.jpg

Flamblend Charcoal 217178

Flamblend Clover-217581.jpg

Flamblend Clover 217581

Flamblend Flauska-217594.jpg

Flamblend Flauska 217594

Flamblend Gunmetal-217628.jpg

Flamblend Gunmetal 217628

Flamblend Honeysuckle-217590.jpg

Flamblend Honeysuckle 217590

Flamblend Kirko-1210.jpg

Flamblend Kirko 1210

Flamblend Midnight-217574.jpg

Flamblend Midnight 217574

Flamblend Porcelain-217599.jpg

Flamblend Porcelain 217599

Flamblend Rosewood-217591.jpg

Flamblend 217591

Flamblend SilverBuck-217633.jpg

Flamblend SilverBuck 217633

Flamblend Slate-217180.jpg

Flamblend Slate 217633

Flamblend Soot-217635.jpg

Flamblend Soot 217635

Flamblend Stone-217179.jpg

Flamblend Stone 217179


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