Hypnos Contract Beds :: Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Hypnos is committed to making the most sustainable, comfortable, safe and durable beds and to ensure its Castle Donington operations are run to the highest standards and comply with ISO 9001, the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective Quality Management System.

The ISO 9001 standard provides the extra piece of mind that confirms we manufacture and deliver to a consistently high-quality level, and continually measures and improves every aspect of our operations.

So, whether it’s pushing the boundaries of bed-making to achieve the best possible sustainable design with traceable and certified materials, considering the environmental impact of everything we do, or caring about ethical production and the people we work with, our customers can have the utmost confidence that they will truly have a comfortable bed made with the utmost integrity when they purchase from us.

Rigorously tested for comfort, quality and safety

Each and every product goes through a rigorous process of testing and inspection, providing clients with peace of mind that they are buying robust, comfortable sleep solutions that are built to last, whilst offering the design flare required for a hospitality setting.

As part of our internal quality control process, all bed bases and mattresses undergo strict in-process quality checks and each product undergoes a final inspection prior to dispatch. Wider testing includes:

Load durability testing

Applying a force of 1000N for 10,000 cycles at 3 positions on the bed base.

Roll durability testing

Carried out to determine the durability and hardness of mattresses, this also determines the firmness rating of a mattress.

Impact durability testing

Applying an impact load of 25kg, dropped freely from a height of 180mm for 10 cycles at 8 positions on the bed base.

Fire safety testing

All products conform to the latest ‘medium hazard’ fire safety standards: BS7177:2008 (Source 5 - Crib 5) + BS7176 and are regularly tested for compliance.

Martindale durability testing

All fabrics undergo a regular abrasion check to evaluate resistance to wear.

Pressure map comfort testing

As a leading sleep authority, we recognise that pressure point relief is key to providing a good night’s sleep. Hypnos knows that a hospitality bed has to cater for guests of many shapes and sizes; no two guests are the same. We have a range of mattress and bed base options that are scientifically proven, through Pressure Mapping, to offer the maximum level of comfort for the majority of people.