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Hypnos' Zip and Link service provides the flexibility to unzip and split a large bed into two single beds when needed. This extra flexibility allows a double bedroom to be easily converted into a twin bedroom - perfect for business travellers who need to share, older couples who need their own space, or even older children who don't want to share a bed.

The bed bases are linked using Hypnos' EasyLink™ system, whereby linking bars are located at the top of the bed base instead of the bottom, meaning housekeepers no longer have to lift the bed to access the linking bar underneath the bed base, or have an unsightly linking bar on the front. Housekeepers are able to operate the new linking bar standing up, rather than kneeling to operate external and under linked options, making the job safer and more comfortable. The mattresses are zipped together along their full length, for easy and fast conversion.

Another advantage of a zip and link bed is that the mattresses are more easily rotated, which may prove helpful for housekeepers. Equally a zip and link mattress will help where there are initial bedroom 'access' issues when installing the bed e.g. narrow staircase, low ceilings, etc.

Zip and link standard size is Super Kingsize (180 x 200cm, split into two mattresses of 90cm x 200cm).

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