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No more heavy lifting for housekeepers

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A housekeeper’s duties can be gruelling and intense – and can occasionally result in injury if the correct equipment isn’t in place. As more amenities continue to be offered in hotel rooms, housekeepers are often having to work harder and more quickly. That’s why, specialist international hospitality bed manufacturer, Hypnos Contract Beds, offers a variety of products, specifically designed with the housekeeper in mind.

The Beaumont Pillow Top

The Beaumont Pillow Top mattress is a no-turn, lighter mattress ideally suited to housekeepers, especially those who suffer with bad backs.

The mattress only requires seasonal rotation rather than turning, which is made easier by the fact it has been created 20% lighter than Hypnos’ other luxurious turnable hotel mattresses. This means that when the mattress does need rotating, housekeepers can do so quickly and easily on their own, without the need for additional help.

Filled with luxury wool and silk, the mattress offers a sumptuous sleeping surface whilst regulating body temperature whatever the season. Featuring a sewn-in topper, to provide an in-built level of extra luxury for guests, the Beaumont requires just seasonal rotation, minimising housekeeping and maintenance to one side of the mattress.

Beaumont Mattress


In response to increasing demand from housekeepers for Zip and Link beds that are easier and safer to use, Hypnos developed its latest in linking bar technology, Easylink™.

With Easylink™, linking bars are placed on top of the divan base instead of underneath, meaning housekeepers no longer have to struggle to lift the bed to access the hidden linking bar. This also eliminates any unsightly external bars and means housekeepers can operate the new linking bar by standing up, rather than kneeling to access external and under linked options, making the job more comfortable, safer and quicker to do.


Mattress protectors

Mattress protectors are an important tool for protecting a hotel’s mattress as well as providing a healthy sleep environment for guests. However, many mattress protectors aren’t waterproof and are difficult to clean, adding to the housekeeper’s daily to-do list.

Hypnos’ Luxury Waterproof Mattress Protector, is proven to effectively protect against any soiling and liquid ingress, with the soft quilted layers holding liquid more effectively thus allowing for improved washability. With a multitude of hygiene benefits for guests, the mattress protector also offers housekeepers ease of cleaning as it can be washed as part of the normal process for bedding.

Importantly, protectors offer hoteliers a cost-effective way to ensure they get the most out of their mattresses, with mattresses used with a protector less likely to be replaced compared to those used without a protector.

Mattress Protectors