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In order to achieve the maximum lifetime from your Hypnos mattress, it is important to adopt good care practices. Hypnos recommends that every mattress is protected with a quality mattress protector that is proven to effectively protect against any soiling and liquid ingress, helping to ensure continued room availability should any accidents occur.

The new Hypnos Luxury Waterproof Mattress Protector is proven to effectively protect against any soiling and liquid ingress. The soft quilted layers hold liquid more effectively, allowing for improved washability. In order to guarantee optimum health and hygiene, protecting from dust mites, the mattress protector should be washed in a conventional washing machine at 60º. In addition to this, the application of Hypnos’ leading anti-bed bug treatment, HypnosProtect™ to the mattress itself, gives extra reassurance that the risk of contamination from bed bugs is minimised. HypnosProtect™ is proven to kill bed bugs on contact within 2 minute.



  • Practical: extendable skirt length means one protector can be applied to a variety of mattress depths, giving fully protected sides.
  • Waterproof: quilted layers hold liquid more effectively, improving the waterproofing of the mattress protector.
  • Economical: mattress protector can be washed as part of the normal process for bedding.
  • Hygienic: risk of contamination from dust mites and bed bugs is significantly reduced when washed at 60° and combined with HypnosProtect™.

Key features

  • Skirt: 35cm knitted polyester (extending to 65cm max. skirt length).
  • Filling: 100% polyester.
  • Casing: 100% soft touch polyester quilting.
  • Reverse: polyester laminated with polyurethane.
  • Cleaning: wash in conventional washing machine at 60°.
  • Drying: can be tumble dried at low settings.

Standard mattress protector sizes:

  • 90 x 200cm
  • 135 x 200cm - will also fit 135 x 190cm & 150 x 200cm
  • 150 x 200cm - will also fit 140 x 200cm & 160 x 200cm
  • 180 x 200cm
  • 200 x 200cm

Mattress protectors are also available in bespoke sizes

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