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How to get the Most out of your Bedrooms

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Despite the fact the hospitality industry operates continuously across the year, there are of course peaks and troughs in hotel occupancy rates. So, how can you get the most out of your bedrooms and ensure visitors come more often and stay for longer each time?

We believe a key component to drawing guests back time and time again is by unlocking that desire for a great night’s sleep. If you can ensure visitors sleep as well as they do at home - that the beds are super comfortable and big and clean; that the room is relaxing and inviting; that the temperature of the rooms is adjustable to suit different people’s comfort levels; that light and noise are minimised and that the bedrooms are stylish and functional – you cannot fail to see repeat business.

So, a key consideration then is to look at the space you have in each bedroom and assess how you can maximise that and really use the potential of the room to the best of your ability – increasing profit and revenues. During peak periods, it’s essential you think about how you can tailor the rooms to the different needs of guests. For example, some families will prefer to have two bedrooms with an interlocking door, so the children can sleep separately but close by, but others would much prefer their children are in the same room as them. That’s where you could have a large room with two double beds, but a more versatile option is to instead have a super king-size bed and a sofa bed.

Hypnos has developed a range of attractive sofa beds and chair beds, providing guests with the maximum comfort, durability and quality, expected from a hand-crafted piece of upholstered furniture. In fact, Hypnos has recently supplied Manhattan Sofa Beds along with FlexiBase™ Bed Bases and Cranborne mattresses to Patrick Kerkhoven Chief Operating Officer at WIN Hotels for his newly opened Superior 4* Boutique Hotel in Amsterdam, Hotel Monet Garden. Situated on Valkenburgerstraat 76, the hotel is in a central location and is attracting a growing number of visitors including both tourists and business travellers. It is important that the hotel rooms are able to cater for both multiple occupants as well as the lone traveller looking for a comfortable combined sleep, work and lounging area.

Patrick comments; “Introducing sofa beds into our bedrooms has been fantastic for business. We are now able to offer guests ultimate flexibility with the space in their room and we have the opportunity to cater for families who prefer having their young children in the same room at night, but in the daytime, they can have a quality, comfortable sofa for sitting and relaxing to read, watch TV or just chill out. What’s more, a room containing a sofa bed works just as well for business visitors or single occupants, so it definitely allows us to be more versatile with the space. The Hypnos range is beautiful, and we were able to choose from several styles and fabrics.”

Manhattan Sofa Bed by Hypnos Contract Beds

If you make the right choice, the sofa beds can also act as a stylish, focal point for the room. Hypnos’ range of sofa beds has been designed specifically for the rigorous requirements of the hotel market. With a variety of flexible designs, including L-shaped corner sofa beds and chair beds, guest bedrooms can accommodate a range of sleeping solutions to perfectly complement their space and interior design.

Hypnos ZIP & Link Beds

Zip and link beds are also popular for double rooms as they provide the versatility to turn a standard double room into a twin room. Alternatively, consider specifying one or two extra pull out single beds, discretely hidden within the bed base.

Of course, a bed must be more than just versatile and aesthetically pleasing – the right mattress is essential. Hypnos specialises in pocket sprung mattresses which are designed to actively minimise pressure points on the body, helping to increase blood circulation and alleviate tension. The independent movement of each individual pocket spring also means that the mattress will mould itself to all body heights, shapes and weights, promoting and supporting the natural alignment of the spine and reducing partner disturbance when changing sleep positions during the night.

Equally the choice of soft and firm pillows or a soft topper will help personalise any bedroom for each and every occupant, ensuring a sublime night’s sleep.