Hypnos Contract Beds :: Hypnos supports hospitality partners with safe and socially-distanced planning and communication

Hypnos supports hospitality partners with safe and socially-distanced planning and communication

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During the coronavirus outbreak, hospitality businesses across the nation have needed to adapt and overcome the challenges that lockdown restrictions and social distancing measures have thrown at them”. Here, Barry Owen-Smith, Area Sales Manager at Hypnos Contract Beds reflects on some of the changes that the industry and Hypnos have overcome in light of Covid-19.

“2020 was a difficult year, especially for our UK and European hospitality partners – whether that be international hotel chains, independent boutique hotels or serviced apartments. However, it’s not all doom and gloom as we’re now working even more closely with our hospitality clients to support the industry and its challenges as we continue to face a rather difficult landscape.

“Throughout the pandemic we’ve witnessed changes in both the practical and safety needs of hospitality providers and their mindset of customers. Customers in particular are also looking for even more reassurance from their hospitality accommodation providers in the sense that the service being provided is both safe and hygienic. However, the primary message here is of course that ultimate comfort and a memorable night’s sleep is a desire that has remained consistent in terms of guest satisfaction.

“Whether it’s a boutique hotel, or an up-scale international branded hotel, hospitality providers must manage refurbishments and new bed installations effortlessly and efficiently with cost, safety, timings and logistics in mind.

“At Hypnos, we understand the complexity behind renovations and refurbishments, particularly for large scale developments. That’s why we offer our hospitality clients our unique Eight Step Sleep Plana thorough consultation and step-by-step process which takes the hospitality provider from initial enquiry right through to completion.

“To comply with the governments social distancing measures and to support those staying in rooms with family or friends from their support bubble, many hoteliers have changed the configuration of rooms to heighten safety. In order for hospitality providers to adhere to these requirements, they will need to manage higher occupancy with space saving solutions such as pull-out underbeds and sofa beds – an effortless way to accommodate a guest without taking up permanent space.

“Of course, the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, customers and suppliers is top priority and it’s something we are committed to enhancing as we gradually restore consumer confidence. To support this, it’s important hospitality providers liaise with their installers and suppliers to establish new measures – going above and beyond both the government and industry guidelines to improve hygiene.

“Throughout lockdown, we’ve received a great deal of positive feedback from our clients regarding the PPE for our delivery teams. We ensure that every member of our delivery team arrives wearing face and shoe coverings as well as protective outerwear to protect both our employees as well as the hospitality clients. Our staff has also received training on social distancing and contactless interaction – a potential long-term impact on our practices moving forwards.

“As we move forward and re-adapt to our environment with a new set of procedures, we will continue to support our hospitality partners and their challenges in the most sustainable, safe and socially-distanced way”.