Impact Of Sleep on Hospitality

The Impact Of Sleep on Hospitality

The hospitality sector is built on the perception and experiences of its customers. If someone does not enjoy your establishment, their experiences will alter the perception of others that they talk to. Businesses in the hospitality sector should always seek a positive experience for its customers.

Customer perception of sleep in hotels

When a customer stays in a hotel, they will almost always base the quality of their stay on their sleep. A high quality sleep will leave customers refreshed and happy, where a poor quality sleep will leave them unsatisfied.

A customer’s quality of sleep is what they will take with them when they leave a hotel. Because of this, a high-quality bed that is made for comfort is of paramount importance. If a bed is comfortable enough, it will be a conversation point for customers telling others about their stay at your hotel. If you would like to know more about high-quality beds, please take a look through our extensive Hypnos hospitality range.

Reviews & Their Impact On Perception

Reviews have a large impact on the way new customers perceive the quality of a hotel. According to a TripAdvisor survey, over 55% of customers look for reviews that specifically mention the quality of sleep when choosing a hotel. Thanks to the internet, customer experiences can be easily found, making it all the more important to ensure high-quality sleep solutions at your establishment.


Improving your sleep perceptions

At Hypnos, we understand the difficulty of catering a sleep solution to everyone. Some people prefer a firmer sleep whilst other prefer to sink into their bed as if it were a cloud.

We work hard to ensure that your customers only get the best and that they will always finish their stay feeling refreshed and well rested. If you would like to speak to a member of our expert team about improving your customer sleep experience, please feel free to call us or even request a quote.

We will work with you to create a sleep solution that will have your customers telling their friends about.

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