Hypnos Contract Beds :: Tips on helping your guests to sleep better on World Sleep Day

Tips on helping your guests to sleep better on World Sleep Day

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Today marks World Sleep Day, and for hoteliers, the topic of sleep is never far from their mind, but with guests expecting comfort as standard, what are the other things we can be doing to enhance their sleep experience?

Here, Chris Ward, Hypnos Group Marketing Director, and Hypnos resident sleep and wellbeing expert, Natalie Pennicotte-Collier, offer their advice on creating the perfect sleep environment for a guest bedroom.

Natalie Pennicotte-Collier comments on the mindful changes you can make in your guest rooms to encourage great quality sleep

Encourage guests to turn off the tech before bed and keep the room quiet

“There’s several benefits that come from having tech turned to off when sleepers are trying to relax or prepare for bed.

“It’s known that devices such as smart phones, tablets and even the TV can stimulate the brain and keep people awake or make it harder to go to sleep if used just before bed. Furthermore, the blue light they produce disrupts the body’s creation of the sleep hormone, melatonin, meaning tech-based devices are actually working against us when it comes to sleep.

“Creating ‘tech free’ spots in your guest rooms, where they can store away phones and computers, along with gentle reminders for guests to turn their tech off, can help them to rest, switch off and potentially have a better night’s sleep whilst they’re staying with you.

“If you have guests who are light sleepers, supply them with some earplugs to cancel out any distractions. You could even think about offering guests ‘white noise’ apps or sleep inducing music playlists that they can choose from in their room to set you apart from other hotels and encourage a deeper and better sleep.”

Offer guests mindful strategies to help them sleep

“Sleep is the most natural thing in the world but for many people it can be hard to drift off to sleep – this is where something called a ‘mindful pause’, designed to be done just before bed, can help your guests.

“Try creating a series of ‘mindful pause’ cards which feature tips and advice for things like breathing exercises, meditations and even basic yoga poses, that can be left in each guest room to help them drift off to sleep naturally. It’s a great way to show you care about their wellbeing, but that you’re also thinking about sleep and wellbeing as a much larger concept.

“The act of doing a type of meditation or relaxation, especially before bed, can have a profound impact on the quality of sleep they have and the experience they have whilst they’re staying with you.”

Chris Ward offers his advice on choosing the best mattress for sleep in your hotel:

Get your core foundations right for sleep – ensure you have the best bed possible

“A pocket sprung mattress, made with natural and sustainable fibres is the perfect choice for hoteliers who want to give their guests the best and most ethical night’s sleep possible.

“All Hypnos hospitality mattresses are specifically designed to minimise pressure points on the body for total comfort and support for the guest sleeping on it. In fact, the design of our beds means that the independent movement of each individual pocket spring allows the mattress to mould itself to the sleeper’s body, leading to a natural alignment of the spine and healthy back support. In addition, its supportive structure and network of springs helps to alleviate tension and increase blood circulation, which in turn allows muscles to relax, leading to a truly restful night’s sleep for guests.

“Additionally, the fillings, fibres and fabrics of the mattress are key components that work together to create the perfect climate for true quality sleep. We believe it’s incredibly important to opt for natural fibres where possible, such as wool. These are not only sustainable, they’re comfortable, supportive and breathable too, ensuring your guests don’t overheat.

“Unlike synthetic materials made using chemicals such as foam, which can make you hot in the night and aren’t easily recycled at the end of their life, natural fillings are the most efficient materials to promote healthy air flow, help regulate body temperature and thereby help to reduce body moisture in the process (because let’s face it, no one wants a sweaty and hot night’s sleep when they’re travelling).”

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