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World Sleep Day

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In celebration of World Sleep Day, award-winning global bed manufacturer and Royal Warrant holder, Hypnos Contract Beds, is reviewing the latest trends in the hospitality industry and advising hotel operators on how they can give their guests the best night’s sleep.

Super King

Mattresses and beds have evolved a lot over the years, as well as guests’ desires and needs, so it’s no surprise that Hypnos has seen an upward increase in hoteliers ordering bigger beds. Guaranteeing a comfortable night’s sleep is paramount for hotel owners when it comes to impressing visitors, and this starts with the mattress. Investing in a bigger bed that will promote an enjoyable, restful and comfortable night’s sleep could be the difference between retaining a customer’s business and losing it.

Within the UK hotel market there are in the region of 20 million night’s sleep that take place on Hypnos beds each year. That’s why it’s important to offer a range of mattresses that work for a number of people with different comfort requirements, recognising that no two hotel guests are the same. Buying the biggest mattress possible is one of the best ways to ensure each guests’ comfort requirements are catered for, as it gives them more space to sleep on.

When sourcing a new mattress, hotel operators should also take into consideration the many different shapes and size profiles of their guests and invest in mattresses that are scientifically proven to offer the most optimised levels of comfort and support for the majority of individuals.

Scientifically proven comfort

When it comes to sleep, there’s certainly a science behind it. Hypnos uses pressure mapping, a tool that measures how many individual pressure points a person’s body makes on a mattress, to tailor its contract hospitality sleep offering. By mapping the pressure points of an individual, a bed manufacturer can see how much pressure needs to be relieved and where, thus establishing what level and type of support is needed in a mattress to provide optimum comfort.

All Hypnos mattresses are scientifically proven through pressure mapping, to offer the maximum level of comfort for hotel guests, with the best-selling Cranbourne, Beaumont and Lansdowne Cashmere mattresses forming a proven range of sleep solutions covering a variety of comfort levels.

Natural materials

Mattresses made from natural materials are also increasing in popularity, as hoteliers are quickly understanding the benefits these materials offer for a good night’s sleep and to the environment. The inclusion of natural, breathable materials such as wool in a mattress helps to create a micro-climate in and around your body, which in turn helps manage and regulate sleep patterns, leading to a more restful and comfortable night’s sleep. Wool is a natural temperature regulator, providing insulation when it is cold and wicking away moisture to keep the sleeping guest cool when it is warm.

A growing number of consumers are keen to understand the ethical and comfort benefits of the beds they sleep on. With this in mind, Hypnos has launched its very first natural mattress, the Ashbourne, designed especially for the hospitality sector and to meet this mounting need. Featuring an abundance of soft and sumptuous natural wool fillings, this mattress offers a multitude of benefits designed to induce the best possible night’s sleep. The fillings work to actively minimise pressure points on the body, helping to increase blood circulation and alleviate tension – perfect for guests staying in a hotel.


Wow factor is also important in helping guests to relax and sleep well. Recent insight has shown that an inviting bed set with statement headboard and sumptuous mattress in calming fabric colours like neutral greys, such as granite and slate, are the most popular choice when it comes to fabrics used in the bedroom. In fact, Hypnos has seen a marked increase in interest when it comes to these softer shades, with Hypnos Taupe and Panaz Highland Steel two of the most popular fabric colour samples requested in 2017.

Whilst it’s important to use beautiful fabrics that create a sense of tranquillity, it’s vital they also offer ultimate functionality durability and clean-ability that stand the test of time. Hypnos’ fabric collection has been designed to combine luxury style with ultimate functionality by incorporating a stunning colour pallet with outstanding durability. Each fabric is suitable for use on headboards, sofa beds and bed bases, or a combination of all three, which means hoteliers can create a practical but fashionable guest room.


Did you know that the average mattress has a volume of 23 cubic feet and with 7.5 million mattresses discarded in the UK each year, the landfill space that is used is enough to fill Wembley Stadium over 5 times every year! That’s why Hypnos offers a turnkey cradle-grave supply solution ensuring that every component used in a Hypnos mattress is 100% recyclable at the end of its life. Hypnos will even install and take the beds away for recycling. Consumers increasingly want to understand where their beds are sourced from in order to ensure they are buying into an ecologically sustainable night’s sleep. Having achieved Carbon Neutral Status for the 7th year running, hoteliers can certainly relax in the knowledge that they have invested in a green solution with Hypnos.

So, what makes a great mattress? Well there are literally dozens of elements that combine to create a great sleeping surface; fillings, fabrics, fire retardancy, expert tufting, anti-bed bug treatments, breathability, durability, longevity and comfort optimisation to name but a few, which Hypnos expertly combine to deliver an optimum sleep experience for guests.