Hypnos Contract Beds :: St Edwards Primary School Visits Hypnos

St Edwards Primary School Visits Hypnos

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Last week, Hypnos Contract Beds again invited 26 Year 5 from St. Edwards Primary School in Castle Donington to have a tour of our factory and learn all about the importance of sleep and making outstanding beds.

As the students arrived, they were welcomed with a presentation about Hypnos and the Power of Sleep that was delivered by our Customer Service Manager, Julie Haynes. After the presentation, the children were then taken on an engaging and fun tour of our factory by the helpful Hypnos team.

The pupils were then shown how our beds are made and got to see what the materials look and feel like before they go in to the bed and even got chance to have a go on some of the machines our expert bed makers use, (under expert, professional supervision of course!)

Once they had learned about making a mattress, they had a go at making their very own mattresses; which as you can imagine was the highlight of their day. The mattress created by the pupils will be donated to the school to be given away as part of their summer raffle, to the excitement of many of the children. As part of this programme, Hypnos has donated three Cranborne mattresses to the school.

Next, the students were given a chance to try our beds and decide which was the comfiest, with the all-natural Ashbourne mattress coming out on top. Finally, the students were asked to complete one more task for before they left, to design their very own bed.

The youngsters were also encouraged to go as wild as possible with as many colours and innovative ideas as they can think of, with the winner (selected by their teacher) having their design put up on the Hypnos Contract Beds website.

Chris Ward, Hypnos Marketing Director, said: “These tours are always great to do and provide a little bit of extra energy and enthusiasm into the factory and I'd just like to take this chance to thank everyone who helped out on the day and all the factory and office staff for making all the students feel so welcome. They all had a great day and we look forward to inviting the school back next year as we continue to offer a service to our local community.”