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Sleep Tips for Hotel Guests

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Did you know we spend around a third of our lives in bed? To sleep well, advise your clients to:

1. Develop a bedtime routine and stick to it

Routine and regularity of sleeping hours will help you relax, programming the brain and internal body clock.

2. Keep your room dark. And cool

Blackout blinds will help block out daylight or street lights. Aim for 16-18c. A room that is too hot, or too cold can inhibit sleep.

3. Use wool bedding

Wool is naturally breathable and regulates body temperature to transport away moisture. It is scientifically proven to give 25% deeper, more regenerative sleep. Its hypoallergenic properties and allergy approval aid an exceptional Sleep Experience.

4. Avoid caffeine, cigarettes and alcohol

3 or 4 before bedtime.

5. Microsleep

Microsleeps (or naps) benefit your wellbeing, brain function and can support a strong sleep commitment. Microsleep for no longer than 20 minutes, ideally between 1pm and 3pm, to avoid disrupting sleep hormones.

6. Exercise

Morning exercise will wake you, but evening exercise will keep you awake.

7. Switch off Tech

Smart phone, TV and tablet screen light can activate parts of your brain that keep you awake. Switch off technology at least a couple of hours before bed, and deactivate any screens in your bedroom.

8. Flip and turn your mattress with each new season

To optimise comfort levels and the distribution of the fillings.

9. Choose your bedding wisely

Pick a pillow that supports your head, neck and sleeping style.