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The Woolkeepers® Meet The Farmer: Introducing Joss Jones

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Working with like-minded partners that share our commitment to using the highest quality, sustainably sourced wool, is one of the things we’re most proud of here at Hypnos. Joining forces with The Woolkeepers® initiative and Red Tractor Farming Standards is just one example of how we help to inspire everyone to sleep sustainably.

Here we meet Joss Jones, a farmer from Berwick, who provides his wool for our mattresses at Hypnos. With eight years of stock farming experience under his belt, across both the UK and New Zealand, Joss is passionate about his choice in career.

“The farm has been owned by the Home Robertson family near Berwick upon Tweed for around 25 years. At the moment, it’s just myself full time on the farm, with a lot of help from my partner and a bit of extra assistance at lambing time.

“I never fancied a different career and really enjoy watching and managing the farm as it explodes into spring, alongside nature’s other seasonal changes, it’s a great roller coaster to ride."

Always busy

“This year we lambed 900 ewes but I enjoy the timeless nature of the work. Methods might have changed but key practices like shearing have been repeated for centuries, they are as sure to happen this year as they were to happen last year.

“Working to the rhythm of the sheep and nature can be a challenge too, they don’t care that the cricket might be on!”

Producing quality wool

“My favourite breed of sheep is a New Zealand Perendale, but we don’t have that here. We are currently changing the breeds we have on the farm, partly to produce a higher quality fleece.

“Most of our farm is improved upland, with a small amount of easy hill ground that the ewes graze in autumn. The aim of the whole year’s grazing management is to provide the best possible pasture for the 90 days from lambing to weaning. We rotationally graze ewes and cows to try and achieve that.

“In recent years there has also been a big shift in focus in towards forage-based farming systems and trying to get to grips with managing grass growth as well as possible, to further improve the welfare of the flock.

“Ensuring sheep are provided with ready access to fresh water and diet to maintain health and vigour, and as appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area might seem obvious, but they are essential elements in protecting the welfare of our sheep, but also help to ensure we can get the best from our stock. We know that when they are content and thriving, it improves stock welfare across the board.

“I love how wool is good for sheep - keeping them warm through the winter months and can then be such a valuable fibre to us with all the uses it has, when it needs to be shorn from the sheep - a win win! This year we hope to use the lamb’s wool to make some blankets too!”

Hypnos has been working with The Woolkeepers® and passionate farmers like Joss since 2019, to ensure the high-quality wool it uses for its hand-crafted mattresses has been sourced as ethically and transparently as possible. It also means farmers receive a fair price for their wool, meaning everyone can sleep sustainably.

Hypnos and The Woolkeepers® work with Red Tractor assured farms to ensure farming standards of care in animal welfare, land management and much more. For more information about The Woolkeepers® visit Woolkeepers.co.uk.