Hypnos Contract Beds :: The Importance of Tufting

The Importance of Tufting

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International hospitality bed manufacturer, Hypnos Contract Beds, pride themselves on creating strong and robust mattresses for hotels across the Middle East in association with its licensed manufacturing partner Spring Tech. This includes a sleep portfolio of specially tufted mattresses that provide durability and longevity for hoteliers.

Over time mattress fillings gradually settle which can not only affect the appearance of the mattress but can also compromise guest comfort. Tufting locks in the layers of upholstery throughout the height of the mattress, keeping it under permanent tension, preventing any loosening or sagging of the filling more effectively than tufted mattresses. This ensures the mattress not only stands the test of time for hoteliers, but also provides guests with a comfortable night’s sleep.

Tufting is also a great way to aid air circulation, ensuring guests temperature is regulated throughout the night, thus improving their sleep quality. In line with Hypnos’ sustainable credentials, the tufting process also holds the contents of the mattress in their correct positions, greatly reducing the amount of chemicals such as glue required during the manufacturing process.