Hypnos voices support for environment petition

Hypnos voices support for environment petition

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With the recent climate change protests in London, and the high-profile visit of eco-superstar Greta Thumberg, it could be argued that environmental issues have never been more prominent in the media. And what’s more, it feels like the political parties at Westminster are finally sitting up and taking notice.

A parliamentary petition calling for the restoration of nature to stop climate breakdown has attracted thousands of signatures in recent weeks. Currently nearly 80,000 people have pledged their support, with a target of 100,000 required for the issue to be considered for debate in Parliament.

The petition states that “to avoid a climate emergency we need to act fast. Rewilding and other natural climate solutions can draw millions of tonnes of CO2 out of the air through restoring and protecting our living systems. We call on the UK government to make a bold financial and political commitment to nature's recovery.”

Hypnos is proud to support this message because, as a company, we are dedicated to limiting the environmental impact our beds have on the planet. We believe in caring for our environment, with 100 per cent sustainable fillings and timber sourced from fully managed, sustainable forests.

Education is the key for attitudes on the environment to change, so something like this petition can only help to encourage important discussions around the environment and safeguarding it for future generations. In fact, as a country, the more we talk about these things the more we can learn and potentially help the environment around us.

This is also why the team at Hypnos works with local schools on initiatives such as planting trees on school sites. Not only does this help enhance the local ecosystem and absorb carbon dioxide, but it’s a great way to help youngsters learn about sustainability and how it shapes the world around us.

Thanks to all those of you who have signed and shared the petition so far. Here’s to hoping we can hit the target needed for parliamentary debate.

You can read and view the petition here below: