Hypnos Contract Beds :: Hypnos Sponsors AHEAD MEA Visual Identity of the Year Award

Hypnos Sponsors AHEAD MEA Visual Identity of the Year Award

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International hospitality bed manufacturer and royal warrant holder, Hypnos Contract Beds, is proud to be one of the sponsors of the Awards for Hospitality Experience and Design (AHEAD) 2018, for the Middle East (MEA).

As an international business that prides itself on the strength of its global offering, Hypnos creates and delivers design-focused and supremely comfortable beds to the finest hotels around the world and as a result is sponsoring the Visual Identity of the Year category at the 2018 awards.

This partnership is very much a natural fit for the business which has been crafting durable but design-led collections of robust, comfy and stylish hospitality sleep solutions, alongside its full-service project management solutions. This service includes an Eight Step Sleep Plan that covers everything from in-room installation and interior design, through to bed disposal and recycling, which ensures every hoteliers need is met. This responsible approach also results in 100% landfill avoidance and offers those in the hospitality industry a green and ethical way of disposing old mattresses, beds and bedding.

With the environment and social responsibility at the core of the business, Hypnos was the first carbon neutral bedmaker in the world. It is also the only bed manufacturer to have held this prestigious award for seven years, proving beds and mattresses can be both stylish and sustainable. It is this ethical manufacturing and creation of robust, hygienic and comfortable beds, that provides hoteliers with the utmost confidence that they are buying into a quality, award-winning, sustainable product, and makes Hypnos a great authority to sponsor the Visual Identity of the Year category.