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Hospitality Trends

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Hypnos has been crafting bespoke, made-to-measure mattresses and beds for the finest boutique and independent hotels, resorts and spas all over the world for over 100 years. Sam Parish, Interior Design Account Manager for specialist hospitality bed maker Hypnos Contract Beds, discusses the trends sweeping the hospitality industry for 2018:

“Whether you’re an interior designer creating stylish looks for hotels or a hotelier yourself, it’s important to keep on top of upcoming trends and new colour palettes in the interior design world. Hotel guests are becoming more discerning about the rooms they are staying in and hoteliers need to go the extra mile to create the best experience possible.”


“Whilst it’s tempting to opt for a neutral palette, this can seem impersonal and dated.

On-trend statement colours continue to make a resurgence. An abundance of warm, earthy hues replace the more minimal palette of previous seasons. Think tones of terracotta, millennial pink and emerald green. Whether it’s on walls, sofa fabrics, beds or soft furnishings, it is the perfect excuse to push boundaries. However, too much bold colour can be overkill, so it is important to always combine with more restful shades.

Why not create a focal point in rooms using one statement piece of furniture in a striking tone, such as the bed, and soften the look with cushions and accessories in complementary shades.”

Space Saving

“With space at a premium, we are seeing an increase in furniture that is multi-functional and custom designed. Lots of furniture in a room is not only overwhelming and univiting, but also an inefficient use of space. Choosing beds with in-built storage, such as SuperStorage or open sided bed bases, or clever design solutions such as an in-built safe, allow hoteliers to take practicality to the next level, whilst maximising on space saving potential. There is also a growing demand for versatile hotel rooms which can adapt to an increasing number of guests. Sofa beds give hoteliers the opportunity to turn a guest suite into a family room when needed, meaning the possibility of additional revenue without having to sacrifice visual appeal. Considering both the creative and functional use of a room is now more important than ever to give guests everything they want.”


“The increasing popularity of eco-friendly or green tourism is driving sustainable design in the hospitality industry to new heights. More and more, customers want to know about the bed they are sleeping on and its sustainability credentials. They are increasingly conscious of their ethical responsibility and demand environmentally-friendly materials of the highest quality. As such, hoteliers should opt for a mattress that is made from natural, ethically sourced fillings which reduce the carbon footprint, enhance breathability and the overall sleep experience.

At Hypnos we have a clear focus on sustainable design and all beds are made usingsustainable materials. We’ve also achieved FSC® and PEFC™ forestry certification. Furthermore, all Hypnos beds are 100% recyclable, ensuring they never need to go to landfill.

Our unique bed disposal service deconstructs beds and creates recycled raw materials for re-use in other industries. This commitment to environmental sustainability – throughout the design and manufacturing process – comes as standard for all our hospitality clients.


“Consumers want a truly special hospitality experience and expect stylish interiors as standard. They demand tailored, bespoke suites, far from the uniformity of the past. As such, the boutique look is still very much on-trend. In 2018, by varying the layout of rooms and adding unique elements, hoteliers can offer their guests a more personalised and authentic experience. Large, winged designer headboards and bed bases upholstered in matching or even contrasting fabrics, are hugely effective for creating that boutique look without having to install completely new furniture in each room.