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Creating the Perfect Sleep Environment for Hotel Guests

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Hypnos Contract Beds has been crafting bespoke, made-to-measure mattresses and beds for the finest, boutique and independent hotels, resorts and spas all around the world for over100 years. Here, we discuss the importance of creating the perfect sleep environment for hotel guests:


Today’s guests want their hotel bedroom to be a real sanctuary and escape as they demand a home-from-home experience. As any good hotelier knows, creating the right environment and ambience for sleep is arguably the most important factor in producing the best possible experience for your guests and interior designers should always have both comfort and style in mind when it comes to creating the best hotel room.

Guests consider getting a comfortable night’s sleep of paramount importance with new research1 showing 89% want a king or super king bed with crisp white bed linen, creating a bed which appears both comfortable and clean. Hoteliers should opt for a mattress that is made from natural, sustainable fibres for additional comfort. This ensures the mattress is breathable - promoting healthy air flow, helping to regulating body temperature and reducing body moisture, while repelling allergens and enhancing the sleep experience.

Bespoke bedrooms

We’re seeing more and more consumers who now want a truly special hospitality experience and expect stylish and practical interiors to come as standard as part of this. As such, it is important hoteliers don’t overlook the importance of bespoke hotel rooms, rather than a standard, uniformed look across all their guest suites or bedrooms. With more hoteliers requesting beds that are the focal point of the room, large format headboards, which run all the way to the floor to create a striking look for example are a hugely popular choice for creating the wow factor and rooms with style. These designs are suitable for both small and large hotels, with further flair being added to a room by pairing a designer headboard and bed base base upholstered in matching fabric – perfect for recreating a boutique look. It also provides a cost-effective way of giving rooms a unique interior without having to install completely new furniture in each one.


With today’s hotel rooms getting smaller and space becoming a premium, considering both the creative and functional use of a room is now more important than ever as hoteliers seek to give guests everything they want. Whether one person is staying in the room, or a whole family, it’s important that everyone can sleep soundly in a relaxing environment. Filling a room with two or three separate beds can look cluttered and uninviting – not what you want when you’re trying to create a relaxing and harmonious environment. Adding a sofa bed to a room is a versatile solution, creating a multi-functional area that is practical, stylish and includes comfortable additional seating.


Although the bed is at the heart of the sleep experience, the bedroom environment also plays a vital role so it is essential that factors like noise, light and temperature are optimised to prevent disruption. Artful mood lighting is an increasingly popular choice with hotel guests, suggesting a desire for restfulness and warmth. With great lighting, even an ordinary room can look fabulous and have a strong impact on making guests feel welcome.