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Project: Zedwell Hotels - Lifestyle hotel concept designed for a whole new level of relaxation

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Zedwell is a lifestyle hotel concept designed for a whole new level of relaxation. Their nature-inspired cocoons have been created with the sole purpose of promoting sleep, health and well-being.

Interiors have been designed to create the most optimum conditions for sleep. From its own unique calming scent of lavender, rosemary and bergamot and the specially curated playlist to the air-purifying filters, luxurious Hypnos mattresses, and carefully considered lighting and temperature, Zedwell provides an oasis of calm and ultimate rest and relaxation below the busy streets of London.

There’s an alchemy of different components required to design the optimum sleep environment, and simplicity is key. At Zedwell we’ve removed all clutter and distraction from the sleeping space and ensured that what remains is of the highest possible quality. From the purified air, calming scents, and state-of-the-art circadian lighting to the showers, natural materials and high-quality linens.

What was essential for us was to ensure that the beds we use at Zedwell are of unrivaled quality. Beds that complete our vision to offer an unparalleled night’s sleep for each guest experience. Bed frames are made on site of high-quality oak and are paired with the only mattresses we’d consider - those from the Hypnos collection. From personal experience, we know the quality and craftsmanship is what makes them a market leader in luxury in this sector.

The Hypnos team have supported us at every step of the process, sharing an understanding of the importance of the painstaking detail required when crafting a concept designed solely for sleep. Ultimately we chose the Beaumont Pillow Top Mattress and feedback from our guests has proven that this was undoubtedly the right choice. We’ve worked with Hypnos for the procurement of all of our hotels beds, including those from Assembly Hotel Covent Garden and Victory House Hotel amongst others, and we proudly continue to work with them for all future developments under the Criterion Hospitality umbrella.”
Darija Zivni Aziz, Head of Interior Design at Zedwell Hotels.


Located below Great Russell Street and just a few minutes’ walk from Tottenham Court Road tube station, Zedwell Tottenham Court Road has made history as London’s first underground hotel. Innovating the way for underground architecture, this subterranean haven has been created in consultation with leading psychologists, sleep experts and world-class interior designers.

Taking inspiration from geological chalky facades and glistening mineral surfaces, the public areas feature white stalactite-like rock formations carefully blended with a palette of ash grey and inspiring artwork throughout.

The luminescent cavernous walls continue into the cocoons, melded with Zedwell Hotels signature nature-inspired tones and calming hues of ivory, creams and oaks. Materials used are either natural or recycled. The cocoons boast Hypnos mattresses topped with luxury cotton sheets, ambient circadian rhythm-based lighting and modern rain showers to aid deep rest and restoration. This sleep sanctuary is located below and adjacent to Tottenham Court Road tube station and with access from Great Russell Street.


Created in an unmatched location at the heart of Piccadilly Circus, this hotel is dedicated to sleep, positive health, and well-being. There’s very little furnishing in the cocoon since it is designed specifically for sleep. The bed is encased in an oak frame that extends overhead to create a sanctuary. Each luxurious Hypnos mattress is topped with 100% Egyptian cotton sheets, best for conducting heat away from the body. Elements of the natural world are proven to relax the mind and body so the materials used at Zedwell are either natural or recycled. There’s plenty of plant life to oxygenate the air and a calming palette of warm green and natural oak to inspire serenity. This serenity extends through to the wellbeing studio and coffee and coworking lounge available in the basement. The hotel has its own direct access from the tube station and is only a 45-second walk to the Piccadilly Circus epicentre.

At Hypnos we believe we have a responsibility far greater than making luxury beds, because we are in the business of sleep - one of the most precious commodities in life, ensuring our good health and happiness. Our philosophy focuses on sustainable design and the delivery of a restful sleep. We are a family-owned business that has perfected our craft for almost 120 years.

We are delighted to be supporting Zedwell in their ongoing efforts to optimise sleep and wellbeing. Each of our products are ethically made using responsibly sourced natural materials and are tailored to offer the perfect balance of comfort and performance.” adds Carolyn Mitchell, Sales and Marketing Director at Hypnos Contract Beds