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Bed buying advice

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1. Comfort is king
Your guests’ comfort and their sleep experience is paramount in achieving the highest satisfaction levels. Ultimately it is a comfortable bed that underpins this experience, allowing guests not only to enjoy a memorable night’s sleep, but to recommend your hotel to others and to come back time and time again. Remember not all customers are created equal and one bed type may not be right for everyone, so consider specifying more luxurious beds for your best bedrooms.

2. Fit for purpose
While memory foam mattresses have been all the rage, they are poor at regulating body temperature unlike spring beds with natural fillings. A pocket sprung mattress and sprung divan provides the most supportive and most comfortable night’s sleep, with each pocket spring independently hugging your guest’s entire body and adjusting to their every movement. Also don’t forget to ensure that you specify a bed set that meets the BS 7177 Medium Hazard CRIB 5 Fire Retardancy standard. Always remember that a ‘bed’ is a mattress and a divan base working together – a mismatch will invalidate the guarantee and affect comfort.

3. Size matters
Most UK guests are used to sleeping on at least a 135x190cm (4’6” double) bed at home. Even the budget hotels get great accolades for their large beds, very often because it’s a 150x200 (5’ king size). Make sure your bed looks and feels big, ensuring plenty of room for two people.

4. Housekeeping
Ensure beds come with seasonal turning labels – this helps Housekeeping to rotate mattresses and spread wear evenly. Don’t forget to use fine cotton linen and offer a choice of pillows too.

5. Extra flexibility
There is a choice of flexible solutions to enable a standard double room to be converted into a family room or a twin room – space-saver ‘double’ divan beds can store an extra bed on retractable legs under the bed itself – alternatively choose a sofa bed. A Zip and Link bed allows a double or king size bed to be easily unzipped and split to form twin beds when you need it.

6. Built to last
With hotel beds being used day in and day out, a robust and quality bed is a must in order to avoid paying out for early replacements. Ask about the guarantee that comes with the bed – most hotel beds are replaced on average every 5 years, so look for a five year guarantee.

7. Bespoke centrepiece
A unique bed can add a touch of glamour and individuality to any room. Themed rooms can especially benefit from having a bed designed specifically for that space. Divans provide a strong design statement when customers specify their own divan fabric to complement the interior design scheme. A unique and large headboard crowns the bed and provides a stunning focal point. Specify matching divan and headboard fabric for a striking look - a Euro-style headboard, fully upholstered to the floor, looks fantastic.

8. Hygiene
Plan to protect your new bed investment by fitting a mattress protector that encapsulates the top and sides of the mattress. This will prevent stains and smells and will ensure the bed lasts.

9. Installation, disposal and recycling
Having specified your bed and created a unique look and feel, ask your bed supplier to take away your old beds and install the new beds. Hypnos provides a unique range of services that extends from initial bed survey, design and manufacturing, to installation, bed disposal and bed recycling. Hypnos’s dedicated installation team meets the highest on-site health and safety standards, ensuring minimum disruption, maximum efficiency and minimum waste. Hypnos’ bed disposal and recycling service provides a zero carbon foot print and a zero landfill environmental solution.

10. Cash in
An increasing number of guests are checking in to a hotel and checking out ... with the bed. Don't miss out on this opportunity and make sure your customers know that if they enjoyed their sleep, they can purchase the bed – ask about Hypnos’ ‘Take Your Bed Home Service’.

11. Finally, don’t forget
Even with the most comfortable bed in the world a great night’s sleep can be ruined by inadequate bedroom temperature control; poor sound proofing from outside noise and from noisy guests in the corridors; plus the inability to completely ‘black-out’ and block light entering the room via windows. All these ‘environmental’ areas can disturb your guests slumber.