Providing guests with a special experience during COVID

Providing guests with a special experience during COVID

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As most people in the UK and around the world are remaining at, or closer to home in ‘the new norm’, how can hospitality businesses continue to attract guests and encourage them to return? Here, Chris Ward, Group Marketing Director at Hypnos Contract Beds, looks at how in addition to having COVID-compliant practices, hotels can offer a more discernible experience to guests by providing premium experiences that have sustainability at their heart.

Accommodation providers have always sought to deliver the right experience to guests. Even now in the midst of the COVID pandemic, this hasn’t changed. So, although it is imperative to make every operational aspect COVID-compliant, guests still want to experience all the perks that make their stay special and memorable. This of course includes a comfortable, beautiful and sustainably-made bed that will provide the best possible night’s sleep.

Instill confidence

The need to ensure the highest levels of hygiene has meant that hoteliers have had to rework all communal areas to enable social distancing. From lifts to lobbies and restrooms to restaurants, place markers, reduced touchpoints, hand sanitising stations and more frequent cleaning regimes are all becoming common sights. Changes to how services are delivered to and inside guest bedrooms are also in the frame too, including the provision of a clean and hygienic – yet comfortable and durable – bed. Indeed, the bed is the foundation to the perfect sleep environment, so bed and mattress hygiene needs to be prioritised without compromising on the touch of luxury and comfort that discerning guests will expect.

This is why hoteliers should use fine-quality beds and mattresses that have in-built anti-bacterial, anti-allergy and anti-bed bug treatment in the fabric of all its sleeping surfaces. All durable and supremely comfortable Hypnos Contract Beds come with these features so that guests can feel reassured that they will have a healthy, restful and luxurious stay – thereby helping hoteliers to secure all important positive reviews and repeat visitors.

The green touch

Before COVID emerged, having sustainability credentials was already a key requirement for any reputable organisation to meet and satisfy increasing consumer expectations for a more ethical lifestyle. The hospitality industry is no exception, and hotels wishing to attract discerning guests have been continually looking for ways to operate more sustainably. Whether it’s eliminating single-use plastics or reducing their carbon footprint, the drive to become more environmentally-friendly could be seen in well-known chains as well as smaller boutique operators.

Although companies are now needing to balance environmental goals with survival, it doesn’t mean that hoteliers should abandon the ‘green’ agenda altogether, especially if the retention of sustainable practices enables them to offer customers the hospitality experience they are looking for. In fact, those who don’t continue to assess how they can lower the impact of their operations on our planet could simply lose guests who feel they have failed to meet their high environmental standards.

It’s one of the reasons why Hypnos prides itself on creating comfort with integrity.All our beds focus on low-carbon sustainable designs, meaning our mattresses and beds are recyclable and need never go to landfill.

Working together

The current pandemic has brought into focus the fact that ‘we’re all in this together’. This way of thinking can also be applied to help accommodation providers to deliver sustainable services to guests. By working together with suppliers, they can ensure that not only are they doing the utmost to operate sustainably on their own premises, but that the products and services supplied to them truly support their efforts to meet environmental goals.

As a family-run British business, Hypnos works closely with its hospitality partners of all sizes across the world to provide beds that have been made adhering to the very highest environmental and ethical standards. Only natural, sustainable fibres are used in all of its mattresses, with no nasty chemical-based foams, making them recyclable at the end of their life and boosting the circular economy. These kind of sustainable sleep solutions allow Hypnos’ hospitality partners to bolster their own green credentials which are vitally important to modern, discerning guests.

All over the world, hospitality accommodation providers are facing the prospect of operating in a brand new way for the short and medium term at least. As the sector looks at adjusting to a new type of ‘normal’, there’s no doubt that building confidence and trust for guests will be of paramount importance. By providing a safe, comfortable and sustainable night’s sleep, hospitality businesses can go a long way to ensuring a safe and rich guest experience and meeting their expectations.