Hypnos Contract Beds :: Are your properties a fire risk?

Are your properties a fire risk?

As an accommodation provider in the hospitality industry, it is your responsibility is to consider the risk of fire. This should involve thorough investigation of the furniture and fabric used within the guest rooms, paying particular attention to the bed. To do so though, you need to understand the standards and what they mean to you.

UK fire retardant standards for hotels and commercial property are much more stringent than for domestic and no corners can be cut. In the event a fire breaks out in your property, fire doors and sprinklers will act to contain the spread, but your fire retardant furnishings could be the key to slowing down the speed of ignition at the source and help protect your guests from serious harm.

To help you understand your obligations, we have written a white paper on Fire Retardancy explaining the standard and why your choice of fabrics, furniture and beds should be at the forefront of your risk assessment.

How can Hypnos Contract Beds help?

By downloading our Fire Retardancy White paper, you will learn the following:

  • What is fire retardancy?
  • Why is it needed?
  • How do requirements for domestic and commercial furniture differ?
  • Are all products fire retardant?
  • What the requirements are for furniture in the hospitality sector?
  • The consequences for not meeting standards.