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Private Residential Sectors

The advancement of technology has led to the rapid growth of platforms that have improved our marginal social benefit by creating more efficiencies within our everyday lives. Within real estate, we have seen this phenomena with the advent of shared workspaces or co-working which is rapidly disrupting the traditional commercial real estate space. However, this wave of innovation has not stopped there and has started to seed itself into our living spaces with the birth of coliving.

Amid changing lifestyles and stratospheric housing prices across the world, co-living has gained substantial traction within the property market as an alternate flexible accommodation option. This modern form of urban housing is not a new concept, with other forms of shared spaces already in existence; e.g. hotels, serviced apartments, hostels etc. Building upon a similar model, co-living innovates by providing a curated social environment that builds upon the community via three distinguishing characteristics.

Hypnos works in partnership with all hospitality companies to help them fulfil their design, styling and comfort needs. Depending on the requirements, together we can create beautiful and scalable solutions or supremely and comfortable creations. Every design detail will be carefully considered, with a range of styling features available to create a bed as individual as your client.

Whether your guests are with you for short-term or long-term stays, the amenities you offer - the comfort, extra space, convenience and privacy - mean nothing without a good night's sleep.

In fact, with over 100 years of bed making experience, Hypnos beds can be found in many of the finest hotels, student accommodation complexes and servied apartments around the globe - complying with all fire safety regulations including Medium Hazard Crib 5 for hotels.

To learn more about our Sleep Solutions and our Hospitality Overview then please click here to find both sets of brochures or to see what we can offer you, simply click on the relevant link below.


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