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Hypnos Contract Beds are delighted to introduce its new specialist hospitality bedding collection. The range comprises three ‘bundles’; pillows & pillow protectors, mattress protector and duvet, all of which have been especially selected to assist our clients in supplying their guests with a superior night’s sleep, with the added advantage of offering real, tangible and practical benefits for housekeepers.

What you need to know

At Hypnos, we strive to deliver products that offer both an exceptional Sleep Experience, and support efficient and cost-effective housekeeping practices. Throughout this web page you will find the following icons that highlight the key features of our products.

Machine Washable


Tumble Dry


Hypnos Luxury Wool Bedding Bundle

Using natural British wool, Hypnos partners with the Woolroom to offer this Luxury Bedding Bundle. Wool is scientifically proven to give 25% deeper, more regenerative sleep, by adapting to the temperature of the individual. Its hypoallergenic properties and allergy approval aid an exceptional sleep experience.

The 25% deeper regenerative sleep came from some research that was undertaken in 1990 by the University of Hull Psychology department which showed when one slept on wool and under wool one would benefit from 25% deeper more regenerative stage 4 and stage 5 sleep.

As well as Wool providing a 25% deeper sleep and a significantly better nights sleep than other materials, wool will also undoubtedly transport more moisture than other materials. A recent study has shown that wool will transport 48% more moisture than polyester and 67% more than feather and down over an 8 hour period.

Hypnos Deluxe Bedding Bundle

A step up from our Classic range, the Hypnos Deluxe Bedding Bundle offers a practical combination of both natural and synthetic fillings to both enhance the sleep experience for the guest and deliver practical housekeeping benefits.

Hypnos Classic Bedding Bundle

A cost-effective, comprehensive bedding bundle, providing a comfortable sleep for your guests. The full set comprises a duvet, pillow and protector and a mattress protector – all you need to deliver a good night’s sleep.


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