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8. Whole-Life Monitoring and Marketing Collaboration

Hypnos believes that a truly rewarding and mutually beneficial partnership stretches far beyond the end of the project and focuses on developing a long term relationship which includes regular monitoring and marketing of your bed investment.

Whole-Life Monitoring

Whether it’s a project that consists of multiple phased installations over many months or years; or we agree to monitor and review the condition of your beds every 2-3 years and recommend a replacement programme; or we upgrade the comfort levels in your suites and include sofa beds in your larger bedrooms; Hypnos is a partner that truly seeks to continually help clients develop their guest's sleep experience and satisfaction, and thereby improve their brand, occupancy and revenues.

Marketing Collaboration

The Hypnos brand has strong appeal and recognition, especially in terms of its global luxury pedigree and Royal Warrant status. Hypnos works with its clients to integrate the Hypnos brand and marketing stories into their own marketing stories, creating a point of difference and value within their own on-line, in-room and general marketing material. Beds can be overlooked in our client's marketing when they identify what facilities each bedroom has, so seize the opportunity and boast that you have 'supremely comfortable Hypnos beds' - see how Corinthia Hotel, London has integrated Hypnos and sleep into it's marketing.

Indeed the ultimate opportunity is the creation of an additional revenue stream via Hypnos' 'Take your bed home' service, where we work together to enable guests to buy the same comfort of bed that they slept on.

We receive enquiries daily from consumers who want to buy their hotel bed, hoping to emulate the hotel’s comfort, sleep experience and luxury at home. They simply turn back the sheets, see our brand and Royal Crest and ‘Google’ us. In many cases these enquiries are referred to our retailers, however we can work together to ensure your guests are able to buy their sleep experience from you – although of course Hypnos will arrange the necessary home delivery. Indeed many hotel chains already do this – Marriott, Swissotel, Hyatt, W Hotels, Omni Hotels, Hilton and Premier Inn.

Don't forget we can also establish a similar service and special pricing for your employees too!