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6. Bed Disposal and Recycling

Hypnos provide a revolutionary collection, disposal and recycling service for old beds that exceeds environmental objectives, helping clients to reduce their carbon footprint and to recycle and re-use their old beds - a cost effective, green and responsible alternative to landfill.

This end-of-life solution for old beds has been designed to protect the environment and to help reduce landfill volumes, providing a source of recycled raw materials and fuel for other industries.

Old mattresses, divans and headboards are delivered to secure waste transfer centres - 100% landfill avoidance. Skilled labour deconstructs and then separates all materials for recycling. Nothing is wasted and nothing ends up in landfill. Hypnos is constantly looking at how to recycle and re-use the waste, creating value and benefits for other industries.

The recycled raw materials are currently used within a range of alternative manufacturing processes – metal hinges and springs are recycled back into steel products; timber into MDF, wood shavings or Biomass fuel; foam reused in carpet underlay; textiles recycled into insulation products or briquettes for industrial heating – even the packaging materials from new beds are also recycled.

This service for old beds and sofa beds is available for our clients when replacing their old beds or indeed for clients who ONLY need the disposal service.