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Sustainable Product Design

At Hypnos, we are committed to using environmentally friendly, sustainable materials of the highest quality. With a clear focus on sustainable design, all the materials within a Hypnos bed are 100% recyclable at the end of their life, ensuring Hypnos beds never need to go to landfill.

Hypnos' dedicated Contract factory has achieved FSC® certification, ensuring that all our timber for our divan bases are sourced from managed forests and that all our processes are independently monitored.

Indeed our responsible and environmentally friendly ethos stretches far beyond sustainable design and the materials that we source, with a ‘Lean and Green’ operational concentration on energy efficient processes, waste minimisation and recycling. We also work in partnership with carefully selected environmentally responsible suppliers.

We design and make contract beds that are guaranteed to last up to 5 years, hence need to be replaced less often, which also helps conserve natural resources.

New Materials

We are constantly on the look out for new materials with potential environment benefits (natural, sustainable, etc.) and performance benefits (temperature control, hygiene, etc.). One such material, eOlusTM, a substitute for synthetic foam, uses recycled plastic bottles and a unique manufacturing process to create a vertically crimped sustainable fibre. This crimped construction allows air to pass easily through it, thereby creating a cooler, more breathable sleeping surface.

Re-using discarded plastic bottles helps conserve natural resources, decreases the use of landfill sites and reduces pollution.